Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face: Publicity Photos


While I was looking for film stills, I found all of these Funny Face publicity photos. The image quality is a little better, and you also get to see details of the clothing that isn’t possible with the screen caps. I haven’t put them in any kind of order, but you should recognise all of them from the post yesterday.

Kate from Make Do Style pointed out that Richard Avedon was visual consultant on the film, which accounts for the stunning cinematography. The Fred Astaire character of Dick Avery was also loosely based on Avedon himself. Avedon designed the title sequence, the fabulous Think Pink scene which I posted about a while ago, and snapped all the photographs of Audrey Hepburn that were used in the film. I’m haven’t found anything yet to confirm whether or not he took these publicity shots, but by the look of them I am assuming so – if anyone knows any different please let me know.

This looks a little like polka dots, but is actually emboidered flowers on a gauzy overlay

Isn’t the bow at the top of the veil charming? I’d be scared of getting bird poop on my dress though.

Audrey had an argument with the director Stanley Donen over the use of white socks in this nightclub dance scene – she thought they would break up the line of her all black outfit, but later admitted he had been right. They do give a focus to her footwork in the routine.
This image has been used on lots of posters and DVD covers

Chic in a beatnik polo neck
This is the white sheath dress which was worn with a pink capelet and train in the film
Your can see the embroidered flowers better here
Full sillhouette of the dress from the balloon scene
The blue silk cloak

Wot, no soft focus?

I am certain I have seen this picture before – anyone else?

Anna Karenina with scruffy dog

Beautiful straw hat. Again, does anyone know if this style is called a certain name?

Protesting in the dark room

The flower shop photo shoot
Peering through the bookshop window as the models take over

This almost looks like a painting. I believe it is the yellow satin catwalk dress.


The full ‘Seine fishing’ outfit. Love the cropped top and ballet flats.

Bonjour Paris!

Another angle of the train photo. In the film it was taken from the left.

One of the catwalk outfits. Jen – I think this is too large and curved to be a pillbox. Still not sure what to call it, apart from a very marvellous hat indeed.