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Cult Character: Miss Marple


One of my favourite moments is whenever I find out there is going to be a new Marple on TV. Yes, even more exciting than a new Poirot (I realise this will scandalise some). Julia McKenzie is the most recent actress to play the sharp-witted sleuth, and to my mind the best. Of course the fantastic sets, costumes, and casts of famous names in each new episode certainly don’t hurt either.

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TV Style: Ruth Negga as Shirley Bassey (2011)

Shirley Ruth Negga BBC (31)

Yesterday I finally managed to watch a TV film I’ve had recorded since September last year; the BBC biopic about Welsh diva Shirley Bassey, simply named Shirley. I’ve never really considered Shirley Bassey a style icon, but this totally changed my mind. It follows her career rise in the late 50s and early 60s, and along the way treats us to some amazing fashion from the period.

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