Film Style: Bride and Prejudice (2004)

Bride and Prejudice is one of the most colourful, happy films to come out in the last decade, and it always makes me laugh. If you have read or watched Pride and Prejudice then you will know exactly how the story pans out, so there are no amazing plot surprises. But the way they have integrated an 18th century social satire into a modern-day musical set in India is enormously clever, and more importantly extremely funny.


The costumes are absolutely gorgeous, the dance scenes are exploding with colour, and I think the Mrs Bennett and Mr Collins characters are the best I have seen in any film adaption. If you haven’t yet watched it then I really do highly recommend.

The famous dance scene


Can he be a sensible man, sir?
No, my dear; I think not.


And check out the amazing dance scenes: