Screen Icon: Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy karate

Style is more than some designer-clad pop-tart staring vacantly into a bank of camera flashes. Style is not just how you wear your clothes, or hair, or make-up… real style is about individuality and courage and achievement and humour and intelligence and creativity and a certain je ne sais quoi. Miss Piggy has it in bucketloads.

I cannot think of a better role model for the younger female generation. Miss Piggy is ambitious. Miss Piggy is smart and witty. Miss Piggy knows her own worth, goes for exactly what she wants in life, and will karate chop anyone who gets in her way. Miss Piggy loves her frog, but would never out up with any nonsense from him. Miss Piggy has fun with fashion, and will attempt any style, any colour, any cut, with impressive confidence. Miss Piggy has zero body issues; she knows she looks fab despite being perhaps a teeensy leetle bit *ahem* porky.

Frank Oz said of Piggy in a Time Magazine interview in 1978: “She wants everyone to treat her like a lady, and if they don’t, she’ll cut them in half.” Words to live by.

lady gaga kermit

Lady Gaga got the media buzzing in a Castelbajac kermit coat in 2010…

miss piggy kermit hat

… but Miss Piggy did it first. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Piggy said: “My first thought was: “How did she get into my closet!?” But the bottom line is this — Lady Gaga’s fashion sense is outrageous, over-the-top and a shameless cry for attention. In other words: I love it!”


Miss Piggy cleopatra

“There is only one gift you should accept on your first date – diamonds.”

miss piggy aerobics

“Too much exercise can damage your health”

miss piggy wrap

“I plan to write more books whenever I can find the appropriate writing attire and color-coordinated pen”

miss piggy scarlett

“When there is something good on TV that everyone is going to watch, the other channels should be courteous and run something like “The History of Socks.”

miss piggy bathing

“You can eliminate a lot of calories by entirely cutting out things you hate”

miss piggy boat

“A bowl of fruit is sometimes served in place of dessert. This practice should be discouraged”

miss piggy tennis (1)

“Your future together holds such promise. Why ruin it by telling him your plans?”

miss piggy gonzo

“Your hair is your most important accessory. In a pinch, you could do without your shoes, your purse, your eyeshadow – but without your hair, in that important first impression you’d score a Bad Beauty Impact”

Miss Piggy farah

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may become necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye”

miss piggy foo foo1

“Express your feelings all the time unless you’re trying to hide something”

miss piggy nautical

“Many people think money is something to be set aside for a rainy day. But honestly, how much money do you really need for a dozen or so hours of inclement weather?”

miss piggy red fur

“What if you were in Florida without your furs and there is a very quick little ice age?”

miss piggy scales

“Moi does not recommend dieting. The only way you can lose weight is the same way you lose anything – by forgetting where you put it.”

Miss Piggy wedding2

“Only time can heal a broken heart, just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs”