Film Style: Magic Town (1947)

Magic Town 1947 (25)

Magic Town (1947) is a slightly forgotten James Stewart film that really should be better known, and is well worth seeing for any fan of It’s a Wonderful Life. Like IaWL, Magic Town did badly at the box office, but for some reason despite it’s charm, it never really got picked up later. A shame, because it is really a terrific little flick.

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Film Style: Flash Gordon (1980)

Flash Gordon 30

Flash Gordon (1980) has got everything you could ever want from a B-grade sci-fi movie. Vast, deco-inspired sets that appear to be made of cardboard. A super villain costume so heavy with bling that Max von Sydow could barely stand in it. Harems, jungles, mindless minions, oppressed planets, mad professors, evil overlords, bore worms, a cheesy script coupled with hammy delivery (making the most delicious sandwich of dialogue ever), and gloriously camp costumes. I love it.

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Sophia Loren as Cleopatra (1954)

Sophia Loren Cleopatra 1954 7

I really wanted to find a 1950s movie Cleopatra to look at – well we’ve had 20s, 30s and 40s, so I didn’t want to break the pattern and leave out the 50s. On checking IMDB, I found out that Sophia Loren played both Cleopatra and a lookalike slave girl in the 1954 (some sources say  1953) movie “Due notti con Cleopatra” (Two Nights with Cleopatra).

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