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Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face: Publicity Photos


While I was looking for film stills, I found all of these Funny Face publicity photos. The image quality is a little better, and you also get to see details of the clothing that isn’t possible with the screen caps. I haven’t put them in any kind of order, but you should recognise all of them from the post yesterday.

Kate from Make Do Style pointed out that Richard Avedon was visual consultant on the film, which accounts for the stunning cinematography. The Fred Astaire character of Dick Avery was also loosely based on Avedon himself. Avedon designed the title sequence, the fabulous Think Pink scene which I posted about a while ago, and snapped all the photographs of Audrey Hepburn that were used in the film. I’m haven’t found anything yet to confirm whether or not he took these publicity shots, but by the look of them I am assuming so – if anyone knows any different please let me know.

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Film Style: Funny Face (1957)

funny face audrey hepburn black polo neck top50s vintage clothing

You often have to suspend your modern feminist principles in order enjoy films of the 50s. For instance, in An American in Paris, the viewer must swallow the fact that Gene Kelly chooses the inane 15 year old with buck teeth over the confident, intelligent, and elegant older woman whom he frankly treats pretty rudely. I love you Gene, but seriously – not cool. And in almost every second Doris Day film, she has to give up her tomboyish ways and learn how to be a ‘real’ woman in order to nab her man.

Similarly, in Funny Face, you are expected to completely get behind the idea that the young, beautiful, educated, passionate Audrey Hepburn character of Jo would fall for crusty old stick in the mud Fred Astaire. Insert disbelieving snort here.

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