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Film Style: Easy Virtue (2008)


Easy Virtue contains all the right ingredients for a rip-snorter of a flick – 1920s vintage clothes, sassy young American, uptight English artistocrats, opulent country mansion, Colin Firth… what a shame it is such a stinking cowpat of a film.
It is allegedly a comedy, but I didn’t crack a single smile throughout the entire thing (and I have a small mind which is easily amused). The heroine was charmless and bland, the English roles were boring stock stereotypes, and The Firth looked slightly embarrassed to be there. However. The vintage 20s clothing was fabulous, so I’ve done you all a massive favour and hunted down some screenshots. Now you don’t need to waste two hours of your life watching the stinker; enjoy!
Dashing hats
Pretty vintage cardigans and sweaters
Classic baggy cricket jumper for the gents

Glamorous evening gowns
Satin bias cut evening gown
Embellished drop-waist gowns and burgundy velvet over-coat
Metallic embroidered strappy gown
Silver brocade fish-tail evening dress
Beautiful everyday shirts
Loosely draped blouse with wide-leg navy trousers
Tuxedo style blouse with brooch
Chiffon blouse with small satin collar
Waistcoat and gold locket
Classic black dress with white contrast collar
Cream leather jacket worn insouciantly with a richly patterned pashmina