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Film Style: The Lady from Shanghai (1947)

Lady from Shanghai Rita Hayworth (5)


The Lady from Shanghai (1947) is a superbly fun, and beautifully filmed, 1940s film noir starring a blonde Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles (who also directed) and Everett Sloane.

The movie is a little gem, with a tight storyline, delicious dialogue (“You’ve been traveling around the world too much to find out anything about it”), wonderful cinematography with buckets of suspenseful shadows and angles and particularly good mirror scene towards the end,  sizzling chemistry between Hayworth and Welles, and of course, Rita Hayworth’s fabulous wardrobe.

The costumes in the film were designed by Jean Louis, who is most well known for creating the famous black strapless gown worn by Hayworth in Gilda. He also designed the risque bejewelled figure-hugging dress that Marilyn Monroe famously wore to sing ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ to JFK in 1962. With that kind of pedigree, you know the clothes in this film have got to be good. Continue reading