Film Style: The Railway Children (1970)

The Railway Children is possibly the most twee film ever made, but despite that I still found it a joy (and really must now read the book). The story is very simple, but what I did find interesting was how current the costumes looked.

The film was made in 1970 and set during the Edwardian period, yet most of the girls’ clothes wouldn’t look out of place on Oxford Street. Lace trimmed smock dress? Check. Slouchy knitted beret? Check. Lace up granny boots? Check. There were also a range of gorgeous sailor dresses in different colours, and at the end of the film Bobbie wears a beautiful dark grey double layer cape-coat. If anyone would like to know why costume history is relevant to contemporary fashion design, they need only look at this film.

Jenny Agutter gives an understated performance as the older sister Bobbie (though she was actually two years younger than Sally), and Doctor Who fans should watch out for a young Bernard Cribbins. During the film I had a sense of déjà vu with Sally Thomset, the actress playing the younger sister Phyllis. I was certain I had seen those teeth before. Of course it was Jo, from Man About the House!